WIJAYA MUTIARA is together with all party involved in securing a safe working environment. This will be controlled trough the following safety procedures and quality standard.

A set checklist will be used to ensure below standard are adhered to:-



WIJAYA MUTIARA is determined to actively maintain and improved the safety standard implemented in the Port Kuantan and we ensure that it is everyone’s responsibility.



Pipe slings and fitting for containers and general cargo shall be certified. A copy of certificates shall be filed on board each transportation spread and the WIJAYA MUTIARA office in Kuantan. The Safe Working Load (SWL) of each sling shall not any time be exceeded. A safety factor of minimum 3 shall be used. The safety factor is defined as the breaking load divided by the SWL.

The loading cranes of the vessel shall have valid test certificates issued by the appropriate classification society or appropriate national authority.

All lashing equipment shall be in good condition and according to the standard accepted by the lashing surveyor.

Spare lifting and lashing equipment shall be available on each vessel and the working site to replace worn or damaged items.



During loading the crane drivers shall have sufficient view of the area covered by crane. During night time operation, the working site and stowage area on board the transportation shall be sufficient illuminated to ensure a safe operation. All deck, hold and crane spotlights shall be turned on during night time operation.



All stevedores shall wear the following safety equipment when operating at the loading site in the port of Kuantan unless the Port of Kuantan imposes other requirements.

  •  Steel toe-capped safety shoes\boots
  • Suitable safety helmets
  • Eye glasses
  • Overalls
  • Gloves

All shore side personnel shall be trainer according to the requirements of Kuantan Port Authorities. Additional training will be provided on site where appropriate.



All operations at the Port of Kuantan, associated with a project, shall be carried out under a safety regime operated to the satisfaction of the Shore Superintendent and the project manager. The Shore Superintendent or his deputy shall at the commencement of each shift, complete a checklist procedure and the job shall not be started without authorization from the supervising officers. The completed checklist shall be retained at the site office for inspection at any time.

Items covered by list shall include but not be limited to:-

  • Personal safety equipment worn and in good condition
  • Personal tools present and in working order
  • Superficial health and condition of workers (Drug and Alcohol Abuse)
  • Adequate lighting if appropriate.
  • Dunnage \ Fastenings ready to be loaded
  • Adequate lighting if appropriate.
  • Communication equipment working
  • Condition of slings and lifting equipment
  • Security of shackles and patent fastening in use
  • Approval from vessel deck officer on duty to continue loading as intended
  • Tally clerk\time keeper in place and prepared
  • Customs officer present if required
  • Load plan present and understood by all parties
  • Any additional hazards identified and appropriate direction given



WIJAYA MUTIARA SDN BHD statement policy

Health, safety and the environment are given the very highest priority

WIJAYA MUTIARA SDN BHD statement of practice

We will conduct our activities in such away to take foremost account of the health and of s safety of employees, contractors and other persons and to give proper regard to the protection of the environment.

  • WIJAYA MUTIARA intends to prevent all injuries
  • WIJAYA MUTIARA takes measures to maintain good health
  • WIJAYA MUTIARA minimizes its impact on the environment

No operation will be allowed to start until WIJAYA MUTIARA is satisfied that all HSE issues have been resolved according WIJAYA MUTIARA standard and procedures.



  • WIJAYA MUTIARA management is fully committed to this policy and considers the HSE aspects equal importance to other business objectives.
  • Health, safety and environment aspects are an integral part of the total job and are line responsibilities.
  • We will develop the required skills and establish safe working practices by means of effective training, creating interest and enthusiasm in safety.
  • The health of all involved in or affected by the subject of the continuous care. Preventive measures will be maximized. Medical care including evacuation will be organized.
  • The best practicable means will be applied to preserve air, water, soil, and plant and animal life from adverse effects of our operations.
  • WIJAYA MUTIARA will use best Endeavour to ensure behalf apply all working on our behalf apply health, safety and environment standards fully compatible with our own.
  • WIJAYA MUTIARA will pay due regard to the environment by acting to preserve air, water and animal and plant life from adverse effects of our activities, and to minimize any nuisance which may arise from such operations, in accordance with WIJAYA
  • MUTIARA policy statement.
  • WIJAYA MUTIARA shall adhere to existing national statutory regulations concerning environmental damage resulting from the performance of the work.
  • WIJAYA MUTIARA shall ensure that contractor’s any sub-contractor’s personnel are briefed and understand WIJAYA MUTIARA policy on environment protection and will act accordingly.
  • WIJAYA MUTIARA shall remove or adequately dispose of all non-degradable rubbish from the area which has been used by WIJAYA MUTIARA during the work.
  • Proper planning will be carried out before any operations to ensure the highest standard environmental protection
  • WIJAYA MUTIARA will responsible for the ensuring the environmentally acceptable disposal of waste in accordance with local and international requirements.
Local customs, cultural and religious requirements will be respected at all times.


Protective Personal Equipment

Contractor shall, at is own expenses, supply its personnel with adequate protective personal clothing and other protective equipment which shall be maintain in good condition or replaced, and   shall be worn on all relevant occasions as indicated by noticed, instructions and good practice. This shall include the provision of two pairs of overall, suitable footwear and safety hats for all personnel. WIJAYA MUTIARA shall ensure that all senior personnel and visitors to the location shall wear such equipment in the appropriate circumstance even if not actively engaged upon the work, as the example set by this is of paramount importance.

Safety helmets, safety footwear, safety glasses, clothing and gloves will be required to be worn by the following categories of employees: All staff working within or in the vicinity of lifting/handling equipment and where materials are being loaded/unloaded .Protective equipment shall be worn whilst welding as dictated by good and safe operation practice.

Eye protection gear is required,

– when chipping, cutting, grinding, breaking or spraying,

– when handling chemicals (including battery acid)

Hearing protection is required when noise levels in a work area exceed 85dB.

Safety footwear shall be used on work sites.


Safety Equipment and Fire Protection

WIJAYA MUTIARA shall at its own expenses, provide necessary first aid equipment, sufficient fire extinguisher and other safety equipment approved to ISO or equivalent standards as may be specified in connection with the contract and shall maintain this equipment in a professional manner as dedicated by legal and industry .In addition, WIJAYA MUTIARA shall keep up dated records of all said equipment.


Tools and Equipment

WIJAYA MUTIARA shall ensure that all plant and equipment maintained is in operable condition and that uses of the plant, tools and equipment are trained experienced and where necessary, licensed and certified.

WIJAYA MUTIARA shall ensure that personnel adequately will guard all plant and equipment maintained is in operable condition and that uses of the plant, tools and equipment are trained experienced and where necessary, licensed and certified.

WIJAYA MUTIARA shall ensure that personnel adequately will guard all rotating parts or moving of all tools and equipment to prevent accidental contact. Every power-driven machine should be provided with adequate means, immediately accessible and readily identified to the operator, of stopping it quickly, and preventing it being started again. In the case of hand-held power tools, this shall be automatic or “dead-man-switch” type.