Workers’ Responsibilities

  1. Always keep in mind that work safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  2. Work according to orders and safety guidance from supervising officers.
  3. Work in a safely manner.
  4. Never start work without authorization from supervising officers.
  5. Always be equipped with proper safety gears (P.P.E)
  6. Always remind each other of hazardous actions or conditions.
  7. Always work in teams.
  8. Avoid dangerous locations.
  9. Learn from other more experienced colleagues about proper and safe working procedures.
  10. Never leave your post unattended.
  11. During shift changes, never leave your post earlier than you are supposed to. Report any changes of schedule to supervising officials.
  12. Tidy up workspace before any shift change. This includes proper storing of tools and disposal of rubbish.
  13. Always maintain safe work manner.
  14. Never use equipments that do not comply with required safety standards.
  15. Keep workspace clean and tidy all the time. Never leave cables, ropes or any tools lying around on the floor
  16. Carefully inspect every tool before commencing work.
  17. Make sure lifting apparatus are capable of handling the necessary load.
  18. In the event of emergencies, stop work immediately. Head to the “Assembly Point” and await further instruction.


Precautions and Prohibitions for Employees

  1. No fighting or fooling around during working hours.
  2. No sleeping or eating outside the designated location.
  3. Use toilets when you feel the need to. Do not urinate recklessly.
  4. No smoking or open flames allowed in workspace.
  5. Employees are not allowed to either consume, trade or posses any narcotics or alcoholic beverages at workspace.
  6. Never stay under lifted loads.
  7. Do not operate any form of machinery, such as cranes and forklifts, and other tools without authorization.
  8. Never work alone or unsupervised at hazardous locations or at night.
  9. Never carry things or tools in your hands while climbing or descending ladders.
  10. Never enter restricted areas without authorization.
  11. Keep in mind of all the safety precautions especially during near shift ends or breaks.
  12. Work must be carried out with proper procedure.
  13. Act safely and wisely.