Company Profile

Wijaya Mutiara Sdn. Bhd. is a company that is wholly owned by Bumiputera. We specialize in stevedoring, trading, providing manpower for cargo loading and discharging operations and construction, cargo transportation and cleaning contracts.

Registered and licensed by Kuantan Port Consortium on 15th January 2005, and Lembaga Pelabuhan Kemaman on 1st May 2005, both for a one year period, our company is experienced in handling and managing normal and heavy cargo along with the expertise in handling cargo bags and liquid loads in drums.

We also provide the necessary hardware to get the job done and all these are fully tested and certified by licensed and credible agencies. We put extra effort in making sure that our equipments complies with every single safety regulations endorsed by the Federal Government. This is to ensure that every operation goes as planned and efficiently with minimal and, if possible, no delays, incidents, casualties and cargo or environment damage.

The individuals included in our work gangs must go through stringent health and drug tests. This is to ensure that the manpower we provide is reliable and productive. In return, we maintain their welfare and take every precaution in ensuring their safety in the work place by providing them with safety equipments such as safety helmets, boots, and life jackets for workers that works at close proximity to the sea, reflective vests and etc.

Under the management of En.Nawawi Abdul Rahman, Wijaya Mutiara’s goal is to provide the best service for its customers. Driven by our knowledgeable and highly motivated staff, state of the art infrastructure, reliable resources, capital backed by Bumiputera Commerce Bank Bhd., and our one year experience in the business, we are confident in our ability to provide satisfactory service to our clients both in Malaysia and abroad.

Started from September 2006, En. Yusof bin Mamat have joint Wijaya Mutiara’s as shareholder and both have been appointed as Executive Director of the company.

En. Yusof Mamat, been attached to Teknikargo Sdn Bhd, Mhy Jaya Antara Shipping Sdn Bhd and Modern Potential Sdn. Bhd as Chief Foreman for more then 10 years with vast experienced of handling all sorts of cargoes that when through Kuantan Ports, until he was invited to joint Wijaya Mutiara as Executive Director.

With the 2 important Key personnel above joining as Executive Director, Wijaya Mutiara’s has full confident to emerge as one of the best Stevedore in short time to come.

  • To be a leading company that provides stevedoring services to global cargo and shipping companies with distinctive quality.
  • To supply trained, efficient Foreman, Mandor as well as Stevedores so that Kuantan Port emerged as one of the best Port for Loading/ discharging of dry bulk around this region.
  • Safety is our priority to provide services with no accidents, no harm to people, no damage to cargo and the environment.
  • Provide the best services to our clients, with exemplary and exceptional results and quality.
  • Ensure our continuity in the shipping and cargo handling business.
  • Maintain customer care and relationship.
  • Exceed customer expectations.
  • Precautions, careful planning, contingency planning, creativity and proper execution are the building blocks to success.